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Read Novel Sugar Apple Fairy Tale by Mikawa Miri

Read Novel Sugar Apple Fairy Tale by Mikawa Miri

Novel Sugar Apple Fairy Tale by Mikawa Miric - Anne Halford is a candy crafter determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Silver Sugar Master—a title bestowed only by royalty—by winning first place in the Royal Candy Fair.

The journey to the capital will be dangerous, however, so she purchases Challe, a handsome but foulmouthed fairy, to be her bodyguard.

Anne wishes to befriend her new companion, but in this kingdom where fairies are treated as property, Challe wants nothing to do with humans.

Will this journey with her change his mind? And will Anne arrive safely at the fair?

Title Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
Other titles Sugar Apple Fairytale
The Silver Sugar Master and The Black Fairy
Author Mikawa Miri
Publisher Kadokawa, Yen Press
Language Japanese, English
Country Japan
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo


What's wrong, Ann? You can't sleep?

It's okay. There are days like that.

Well then, how about Mama tells you an old story. It's a tale that originated from the Highland kingdom: a story about fairies.

That's right, fairies; those people with thin wings on their backs. These children are forced to work under the houses of the wealthy. You've seen them before, right?

Come on, hurry up and wrap yourself in the blanket. That's it, you're a good kid. Well then, let's start.

A long, long time ago, when people didn't yet known to use fire, there existed a kingdom. This realm was the country of fairies. There was a fairy king, and the fairies who served under that king lived in peace.

he fairies' kingdom was called Highland. It was considered to be the "country who stood on top" of all other living creatures. Soon after, the fairies, which had wisdom and power that no human had, were enslaved.

Yes, that's right.

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Date Group Release
02/14/14 AQUA Scans V1 C3
01/09/14 AQUA Scans V1 C2
12/27/13 AQUA Scans V1 C1
06/24/13 AQUA Scans V1 Prologue

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