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Read Novel Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Read Novel Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Since the day Serenity got hitched to a stranger on their blind date, she had assumed married life would be ordinary but respectful and mundane. It never crossed her mind that her new husband would be clingy like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe.

To her utmost surprise, he could make her troubles disappear whenever she was in a fix. Despite her questioning, her husband would always pass it off as luck.

Until one day, she watched an interview with a local billionaire known for fussing over his wife. That was when she noticed the uncanny resemblance of the billionaire to her husband. The wife whom he was showering attention on turned out to be her!

Title Married at First Sight
Author Gu Lingfei
Publisher GoodNovel
Language English
Genre Billionaire, Marriage, Sweet, Funny, Comedy, CEO, Obsession


Wiltspoon's hot weather in October was a killer. Still, the mornings and evenings were eased by the late autumn breeze.

Serenity Hunt got up first thing in the morning to make breakfast for her sister’s family of three before grabbing her birth certificate and slipping away in the silence.

"We're going Dutch from now on, and I'm talking about everything - the living expenses, the mortgage, and auto loans! Your sister should be splitting the cost since she's staying at our place. Sure, she pays two thousand bucks a month, but it doesn't stretch very far. She's basically mooching off us."

Serenity overheard her brother-in-law's comment during the couple’s argument last night.

She had to move out of her sister's place.

However, there was only one way to put her sister's mind to rest, and that was to get married.

Since Serenity wanted to tie the knot on short notice without ever having had a boyfriend, she decided to take up on Grandma May's offer. Serenity had saved the old lady by chance and came to know that Grandma May was trying to marry off her grandson, Zachary York, who had trouble settling down.

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