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Read Novel The Daughter of Wolf Executor by Yvonne Dalton

Read Novel The Daughter of Wolf Executor by Yvonne Dalton

Stories of fairytales and romance were never told in my house, I was told of bloody battles and war. My father was an enforcer wolf, and he never let me forget it. As I grew older, the stories became stronger. More detail was given, and I just learned to swallow the gory details.

My mother had tried to convince my father, that I would never see such horrific things. But he refused to believe that, saying it was better for me to know, then to have the shock of seeing it. Now that I had been warned of things, that could or couldn't be I just laid them to rest.

With my fathers training, I was stronger then most of the boys my age. Without friends to hang out with, he pushed me more and more. As time grew on I began hanging out with older wolves, finding their company to be more rewarding then the benign things my age group talked about. Mother had said to me, I was a head of my times. That I wasn't acting in my age group, and should have more friends my own age.

For her I was still just a baby girl, to my father I was the son he wasn't going to get. Now as I wait for the elders to come, and give me the blessing of having my wolf I feel nothing. These people I sit with, feel like nothing. Maybe that's why, he doesn't want me.

Title The Daughter of Wolf Executor
Author Yvonne Dalton
Publisher Noveltells
Language English


I was told as a child, the stories of legend. However like all stories, legend have to come to an end sometime. Don't they?

When the youngsters in the pack reach 18-20 years of age, the elders of the pack will hold a bonfire for them and tell them something about shifting or mates, as well as the legend. It was a passed on tradition threw Werewolves.

When I was nineteen, I attended the bonfire with eleven other children from our pack. That night, the moon hung brightly in the sky as we sat around chatting about random happenings.

It was all loud and crazy, till someone spotted a lantern coming our way. With the biting cold wind, the six elders came forward and formed a line. The long tree that had been made into a bench, waiting for them.

Part of the reason we held this timely event was so we could be granted our wolves. We could hear the wolves and feel them brewing inside us. But we couldn't shift, so when we finally reach the right age, we need to learn to master this skill.

With everyone settled, the elder who sat in the middle spoke.

"You are all here, to receive your wolfs form. And to hear of the oldest legend known to our kind." His voice was gruff and old like a grandfathers..

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