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Read Novel Kneel Before the Werewolf Queen

Read Novel Kneel Before the Werewolf Queen

Kneel Before the Werewolf Queen - Other than her appearance, Ciara looked ordinary in everything. But she was indeed born to be an Alpha, the strongest one. When her Mate took someone else's hand, she said without hesitation, I, Ciara Brown, reject you, Lowen Davis as my mate.

No. You’ll never have a mate forever then. So be it. I won’t accept you anyway. She has something more important to do, become the werewolf queen. Surprisingly, she met her Second Mate.

Title Kneel Before the Werewolf Queen
Author -
Publisher Aha Novel
Language English
Genre Werewolf


Beyond her outward demeanor, Ciara exuded an aura of unassuming normalcy. However, beneath her unremarkable facade, she possessed the innate qualities of an Alpha – unrivaled in strength.

When her intended Mate clasped another's hand, Ciara, without a moment’s hesitation, declared, "I, Ciara Brown, unequivocally reject you, Lowen Davis, as my chosen mate."

In that instant, their destinies diverged, forever severed. Ciara remained resolute, unyielding in her decision. There were more pressing matters at hand – her ascent to the revered position of werewolf queen. Astonishingly, fate had a surprise in store, as she crossed paths with her Second Mate.

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